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How Do Trustpilot Reviews Work?

How can Trustpilot help to improve your business? A lot of businesses are active on this platform for good reasons. Trustpilot brags over 529,000 businesses rely on its platform to get and showcase customer feedback. It collects over 120 million consumer reviews across 100 countries, and the numbers are increasing yearly.  It is one of the largest online review platforms in the world. With a growing user base, more companies and consumers recognize the value of online reviews. What’s more, it’s available in 30 languages!

What Is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot, established in Denmark in 2007, is an online platform that hosts customer reviews of businesses. It has become one of the world’s leading review platforms, with over 500,000 businesses listed on its site. Businesses can create a free profile on Trustpilot to engage customers. They do so by responding to reviews and using feedback to improve their products and services. Customers can rate businesses with a vote between 1 and 5. They can leave comments about their experiences. In this way, businesses gain insights into how they can further improve customer satisfaction. The site also helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions by providing honest, verified reviews from other customers. Trustpilot offers businesses a range of tools and services to help them monitor and improve their online reputation, such as analytics and customer feedback management tools.

How Does The Trustpilot Process Work?

Trustpilot enables customers to share their experiences with businesses through reviews. The review process works as follows:

Invitation to Review

Once customers have purchased or used a service from a company with an active Trustpilot profile, they can be invited to leave their review via email. Businesses can set up an automatic system that sends out customer invitations. It helps ensure reviews are collected on time.

Leaving a Review

Customers can provide feedback by following the link in their email invitation or going to Trustpilot’s website. They can rate the business on a scale of one to five stars and add comments about their experience.

Review moderation

Trustpilot’s moderators review every submission to guarantee it fulfills the company’s standards. This includes authenticating that the writer has interacted with the business. But also scrubbing for offensive or libelous material.

Publishing Reviews

Once moderators verify and approve a review, it is available for all customers to view on the business’s profile page. Customers can use these reviews to help inform their purchasing decisions.

Responding to Reviews

Businesses can leverage their Trustpilot profile to respond to reviews. They can recognize positive feedback and address any concerns or issues from negative ones.

How Are The Reviews On Trustpilot Scored?

Trustpilot rates reviews on a 1–5 star scale. The number 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest. The Trustpilot score is determined by each customer’s rating and takes into account both the quantity of reviews a business has garnered as well as their average rating. For example, if a business has received 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars, its Trustpilot score would also be 4.5 stars. Trustpilot uses a sophisticated fraud detection system to identify and remove fake reviews. This is to ensure the scores and ratings are as accurate and reliable as possible,  They also have moderators who review all the feedback before they are published. The purpose is to ensure compliance with their guidelines. At the same time, they investigate and remove any violations after publication.

How Trustpilot Makes Money

Trustpilot’s primary source of revenue is its subscription plans for businesses. Companies can create a free profile to receive customer reviews. They can upgrade to a paid plan for more features and services. For example, they can get advanced analytics, review moderation tools, and customizable widgets.

Review Management Tools

Trustpilot provides businesses with a suite of tools to check and respond to customer reviews. For example, they can have also automated review requests, notifications for new reviews, and pre-written response templates.

Analytics and Reporting

Trustpilot equips businesses with advanced analytics and reporting solutions. This is done to allow them to track their online reputation, check customer feedback, and gain long–term insights. Customer Engagement Trustpilot enables businesses to interact with their customers via its platform. They allow companies to respond to reviews and ease Q&A sessions.

Trust Box Widgets

Trustpilot’s Trust Box widgets are designed to help businesses showcase their reviews and ratings on their website or other digital platforms. This allows for boosting customer confidence. It is customizable. These review display widgets provide an easy way for businesses to increase trust in their brand.


Trustpilot generates revenue through partnerships with third–party vendors.  They do so by offering services that complement their primary services. For example, they offer review generation tools and customer experience management software. Trustpilot leverages advertising and sponsored content to increase revenue streams further. Businesses can pay to promote their profile or products on Trustpilot’s site. The platform may also feature sponsored content or advertising from third–party partners. How can I make a profile on Trustpilot to write a review? Creating a profile on Trustpilot and writing a review is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Trustpilot’s website ( Press the “Log in” button in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.
  2. If you already have a Trustpilot account, enter your login credentials and click “Log in.” Click “Sign up” if you wish to create a new account, and you do not have one.
  3. You can sign up for Trustpilot using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account or create an account using your email address. Follow the instructions to create your new account.
  4. Now that you have created your account and logged in, you can search for the business you want to review using the search bar at the top of the page. If the company is listed on Trustpilot, you should be able to find its profile page.
  5. On the business’s profile page, you will see a button that says, “Write a review.” Click on this button to start writing your review.
  6. Follow the prompts to rate the business on choosing the number from one to five stars and write your review. You can also add photos or other details to your review.
  7. Once you have finished writing your review, click the “Submit” button to post your review to Trustpilot.

Be aware that Trustpilot has stringent regulations for reviews. Personal information, offensive language, and inaccurate details are prohibited. Ensure your review meets their criteria before submitting it.

Why it is crucial to have positive reviews on Trustpilot

Potential customers researching your business online will likely turn to reviews on sites like Trustpilot. They look for a glimpse into the experiences of other patrons.

Customers Are More Likely To Stay With You

Positive reviews can build trust with potential customers. It can increase their likelihood of doing business with you and furthering the success of your brand.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Positive reviews can help improve your business’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines like Google often use review ratings and the number of reviews as factors in their ranking algorithms. Thus, having positive ratings on Trustpilot can help boost your search engine rankings and visibility.

Valuable Feedback To Improve Your Business

This also provides valuable feedback for your business – you can use it to identify what customers appreciate about your business and reinforce those aspects.

Make a Difference From The Competition

Positive reviews can help differentiate yourself from competitors, while having a base of positive reviews on Trustpilot will mitigate the impact of negative ones. For instance, potential customers may be more likely to view any negative reviews as isolated incidents rather than representatives of your company when they see that your business has a track record of positive feedback. Positive reviews on Trustpilot can help build trust with potential customers, improve search engine visibility, provide useful feedback for improvement, and mitigate the impact of negative reviews.

What are the main Criticisms of Trustpilot?

Trustpilot, a widely–used online review platform and one of the most popular in its field, has seen its fair share of criticism over the years.

Fake Reviews

Trustpilot has been criticized for its vulnerability to fraudulent reviews. Companies may post false positive reviews to improve their ratings, while others could use fake negative ones in an attempt to damage the reputation of their competitors. To combat this, Trustpilot has implemented several measures to detect and remove fake reviews. But, critics argue that these must be more foolproof.

Premium Service

Trustpilot has come under fire for allegedly granting preferential treatment to businesses that buy their premium services, which could potentially lead to a bias toward paying customers and compromise the integrity of the review system.

High Costs

In addition, some businesses have criticized Trustpilot’s high costs – mainly its premium services – as they may put them at a disadvantage compared to their competitors, who can more easily afford these services. This could give those companies greater control over their business profile on the platform, allowing them to respond to reviews and report fake ones. However, it can be frustrating for some business owners not to be able to delete or edit reviews they disagree with.

Review Moderation

Trustpilot has been lambasted for its lack of clarity regarding the collection and moderation of reviews, with critics asserting that the platform’s algorithms to detect fraudulent reviews are unclear. In response, Trustpilot has implemented stricter fraud detection measures and increased transparency around its moderation processes in order to maintain the authenticity of its review system.


In spite of the criticism, businesses should still strive to secure customer reviews on Trustpilot. Online reviews are vital for creating trust with prospective customers, enhancing a business’s reputation, and attracting more customers. Trustpilot is one of the largest and most widely recognized review platforms. Therefore having positive reviews on Trustpilot can help improve a business’s online visibility. The benefits of having an active presence on the platform are many, and vastly outweigh any potential drawbacks or limitations. By encouraging customers to leave reviews on Trustpilot and engaging with those reviews constructively and professionally, businesses can build a strong online reputation that will help them succeed in today’s digital landscape.

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